Saint-Martin and Kirchberger

LETTER VI. -- (From S. M.)

Paris, 11th Aug. 1792.

I CAN write you only one word, Sir, under the present circumstances, which will not fail to reach your ears. I am shut up in Paris, where I came to attend to a sister of mine, and I know not when I shall, or whether I shall, get out again. I need all my faculties to face the storm; thus, I cannot now answer your letter 25th ult.; it must be for another time. I will merely say that I knew M. de Hauterive; we were at school together. I have also known Madame Lacroix; they are both estimable persons.

As for the light hidden in the elements, read 47th 'Letter' of Boehme, 13-16; also the 'Three Principles,' ch. xv. 48, 52; and ch. x. 41.

Farewell, Sir. You may write if you have anything to say; but speak only of our object.