No doubt the real origin of Tarot is unknown. Experts in the field assure that it was invented by the ancient Egyptians as the Book of Life and introduced in Western culture by gypsies and Templars.

Archaeological findings in the Valley of the Dead, show that the mythical prince and priest Hermes (Thoth, later deified) wrote a 78 gold plate- book which he called the Book of Thoth detailing the secrets of man's life and the knowledge of mankind. These symbols, in turn, were placed in the columns located at the feet of the Sphynx of Giza. Hermetic tradition located one-hundred Tarot cards along the walls of a corridor leading to an Egyptian initiation temple. Of such cards only seventy-three are known; the rest, form the Tables of Aeth or esoteric Tarot, still unknown.

Some researchers attributed the creation of Tarot carcs to wisemen of the Library of Alexandria. Others assure that because of the destruction of the library a mystical language was created which gave origin to the present Tarot symbolism.


Tarot may be defined as a divination and research method from the Psyche on the relationship of man with the universe, the laws governing nature and his mind. Tarot applications from the interpretation perspective cover fields such as: astrological, numerical, cabalistic, and symbolic. This wide scope of action made experts consider the magical-ritual importance of Tarot as major instrument of this sacred art.

It consists of 78 cards used for divination, for ritual magic meditation and as a powerful psychological and therapeutical agent. Aleister Crowley was a researcher in the field. It is made up of 22 major arcana, and 56 minor arcana. In Tarot variations, major arcana are similar, except for some variation in names and graphics. Minor arcana in the Egyptian Tarot are represented by different cards from one another, unlike the rest, consisting of 4 14 card- suites each.

Major arcana show the virtues and defects of human beings. Minor arcana represent the earthly man following his destiny.

THE MAGUS: It represents the creating spirit. Skill, will power, cunning, self-reliance, security. (Inverted) Ill use of same, vanity, lack of skills, insecurity, incapacity, fear.

THE HIGHPRIESTESS: Representing the mystery fighting the unknown. Science, education. (Inverted) Ignorance, surface knowledge.

THE EMPRESS: Representing the intuitive spirit. Fertility, action, creativity, mother, sister, wife, marriage. (Inverted). Lack of action due to doubt, defeat, loss of material possessions, infidelity.

THE EMPEROR: Representing the authoritarian power, wealth, authoritarian father, brother, husband, efficiency, reason. (Inverted) Immaturity, obstacles to the plans, lack of strength.

HIGHPRIEST: Representing conventional spirit. Charity, kindness, a person displaying those qualities. (Inverted). Excessive politeness, weakness, impotence.

THE LOVERS: Representing the spirit tempted by flesh. A difficulty to be overcome, a new love, beauty, love, passion. (Inverted). An unsurmounted difficulty, a lost love, breaking up a love affair, interference.

THE CHARIOT: Representing the victorious spirit. Triumph. Overcoming drawbacks, fame, defeated enemies. (Inverted) Defeat, failure, poverty.

STRENGTH: Representing the dominant spirit. Spiritual power, conviction, energy, heroism. (Inverted) Physical power, lack of faith, meanness.

THE HERMIT: Representing the guiding spirit. Enlightment, prudence, caution or spiritual progress, sensibility. (Inverted) Fear, excessive caution, insensible acts.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Representing the spirit struggling against the future. Good fortune, success and luck. (Inverted) Bad luck, ill fortune.

ADJUSTMENT: Representing the balanced spirit. Harmony, virtue, justice and balance scales. (Inverted). Unjustice, ingratitude, imbalance, intolerance, prejudice.

THE HANGED MAN: Wisdom, self-sacrifice. (Inverted) Selfishness, attempt to adapt to the crowd.

DEATH: Representing the renewal spirit, an ongoing change or transformation. (Inverted) Stagnation, deterioration.

Representing the spirit on its way to moderation and adaptation, harmony, good omen, combination, management, moderation. (Inverted) Hostility, impatience, disagreement, conflict of interests.

THE DEVIL: Representing the chained spirit. Evil, ruin, failure, violence. Something will happen which, in the long run, shall be beneficial, renaisance of the spirit. (Inverted). Cure of an illness, release from bonds. Something will happen, and it will no be good, extreme materialism.

THE TOWER: Representing the spirit faced with catastrophe, ruin, rupture. (Inverted) Same as above, though to a lesser extent.

THE STAR: representing the spirit gifted with hope. Good health, hope, and a brilliant future. (Inverted) Pessimism, doubt, hatred, deception, frustrated hopes, sterility.

THE MOON: Representing the creative and inspired spirit. Inspiration, imagination, deceit, hidden enemies. (Inverted). Unimportant deceit, skepticism, taking advantage of someone.

THE SUN: Representing the spirit in peace and joy. Peace, pure love, bliss, happiness and satisfaction. (Inverted). Same as above, though to a lesser extent, unhappiness, gloomy future, breaking up a love affair.

THE AEON: Representing the spirit gifted with cosmic awareness. Longing for immortality, renewal, renaissance. (Inverted) Fear of death, theft, discussion, divorce, drawbacks, delays.

THE UNIVERSE: Representing the spirit leaving behind the material world. Triumph, guaranteed success, realization. (Inverted). Failure, inertia, bad outcome.

THE FOOL: Representing the incarnated spirit. Craziness, senselessness, extravagance. (Inverted) Doubt, carelessness, difficulties for not being sensible, apathy.

THE PEASANT: Intelligence. Experience. Labour. Attainment of reesults. (Inverted). Small difficulty. Good woman.
LABORIOUSNESS: Industriousness. Labor. Organized economy. Chastity. Compliance with duties. (Inverted). Inner trouble. Uneasy conscience.
THE TRAVELLER: Facing hazardous undertakings with success. Foreigner: (Inverted) Change of address, country, job. Household disputes.
FORTUNE: Fine surprises. New ideas. New love. New friend. Money. (Inverted). Threatening danger.
THE UNEXPECTED: Triumph in the long term. Late finding. Surprise. (Inverted). Treason. Deceit. Disagreeable surprise.
DESPERATION: Mystery to be cleared up and necessary knowledge for that. (Inverted). Delay, problem, misfortune.
EASE OF MIND: Joy. Advantageous business. Hard work and reward. Lack of irritability. (Inverted) Remorse, indecision, shyness, astonishment. Excessive adaptation.
TRADE: Servants. Blind alley discussion. (Inverted). Sensitivity. Business relations.
THE DIFFICULTIES: Expectations. Promises. (Inverted) Problems. Restrictions with individuals holding lower positions.
GENEROSITY: Cooperation, altruism, compliance with obligations. (Inverted). Failure, selfishness, disputes.
THE AGREEMENTS: Lasting alliance, prosperity, progress. (Inverted). Loss of money, documents, bad investment.
THE CHANGE: New ideas. New undertaking. Fortunate meeting. (Inverted). Fear, temptation.
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