The Book of Formation

6-1 There are three Mothers: Aleph, Mem, Shin. From them come Three Fathers and they are Air, Water, and Fire. The Fathers are generating. The three Fathers and their descendents are the Seven planets and their guests, the twelve directions in space. There are witnesses to prove it: they are the Universe, the Year, the human body, and a law of Twelve, Seven, and Three, that He has established in the Dragon, the Sphere, and the Heart.

6-2 The Three Mothers are Water, Air and Fire. Fire is above, Water below, and Air blows between them. There is a sign of these things: Fire sustains Water. Mem is humming, Shin is sissing, and AIeph is the breath of air blowing between them.

6-3 The Dragon, in the Universe, is like a king upon the throne; the Sphere, in the year, is as a king ruling over his dominion; the heart, in the human body, is as a king at war.

6-4 God made all things correspond the one to the other; The good as the contrary of evil, and evil as the contrary of good; The good is born from the good. The evil is born from the evil. The good defines the evil. The evil defines the good. The good is preserved by the evil, and the evil is preserved by the evil.

6-5 There are Three standing alone: one as a defender, one as an accuser, en the third as a mediator. There are Seven: three against three, and one keeps balance between them. There are Twelve standing in warfare; three love, three hate; three are life givers; three are killers. The three loving ones love by the heart, the ears, and the mouth; the three who hate, hate by the liver, the gall-bladder, and the tongue; the three life givers give life by the two nostrils and the organ of reproduction; the three killers kill by the two holes in the body and the mouth. While God, the faithful King rules over all from His heavenly abode for the ages of ages. He is One above Three, Three above Seven, Seven above Twelve; and all are connected the one with the other.

6-6 The names: Ehyeh; Yah; Iod, Heh, Vav, Heh Elohim; Iod, Heh, Vav, Heh; Iod, Heh, Vav, Heh Tzavaot; Elohim Tzavaot, El Shaddaï; Iod, Heh, Vav, Heh Adonaï are composed with these twenty-two Letters. With these Letters, He wrote three book, wherefrom He created His Universe. With the Letters, He created all that was created, and all that shall be created.

6-7 And after our father Abraham, may he rest in peace, had perceived, and understood, and had taken down and engraved all these things, the Lord most high, may His Name be blessed for ever, revealed Himself, and called him "Abraham, My friend", and made a Covenant with him, with his children, and their descendance; and Abraham as it was written, believed in God and it was imputed unto him for righteousness. And He made this Covenant between the ten fingers of the hands and this is like that of the tongne and between the ten toes of the feet: this is like that of circumcision. And He bound the twenty-two letters unto his speech and revealed to him all the mysteries of them. He drew them through the Waters; He burned them in the Fire; He vibrated them in the Air; He placed them with the Seven planets in the highest Seven heavens; and with the Twelve in the Twelve celestial constellations.